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Class #4: Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy Session

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When we experience a severe trauma, 90% of the time parts of us get shattered and stuck “somewhere in time.” We move on and forward but the trauma and the “ghost of the past” continue to haunt us, even though we have pushed the experience out of our conscious mind for self-preservation. You may not even remember some of the trauma consciously. The energies of the trauma continue to run through your nervous system like a background program that loops over and over. This of course, over years can make you literally sick and twisted. Many of the therapies today make you go back and “relive that trauma” in order to deal with it. Some of these therapies make you relive the ordeal over and over in hopes of flattening the bump in the road. Many times we feel that it was so horrific the first time, who in their right mind would want to go back and relive it again!? (Only a hard core masochist would do that, right???) After decades of studying, going to myriads of classes and trying new methods, I developed an extremely effective procedure using the Kryahgenetics Egg that is actually fun! It is fun and exciting because you get a different soul-serving perspective on the experience while you collect your shattered or damaged pieces, clean them up, and have them re-installed. You don’t have to relive all the hideous pain and suffering again, you just sit back and watch your Higher Self take over and do all the work! The “Ah Hahhh’s” you get from this perspective are absolutely mind a

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