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Class #3: Forced Agreement Voiding

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In order to get into your Earth bodies, if you are from “outside the Earth wheel” (aka star seed) then you HAD to make agreements that are insane! These agreements would hamper your ability to do anything substantial to help free those in bondage and clean the corruption here. Many had threats behind them so that if you did break this agreement or contract, something bad would happen to you or those you love and have stewardship over. These agreements were set up by the “Dark Lords” to insure we would not mess up or disrupt the corrupted system of enslavement. It was also to guarantee continued loosh production here to be used as a food source and also to sell on the Ghost Gangsta and Cryptos “black market.” It seemed impossible for us to come here and do anything of any consequence, but we made the agreement anyway with confidence that we would find loop holes in the system…which we have. You can learn these loop holes in this class! You will also be getting an education on who is behind these agreements and what some common agreements are.

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