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Class #2: Finding And Removing Implants

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You will get 2 videos when purchasing this class. One full version of the class and the other with just the 15 minute implant removal meditation extracted to use by its self once you have watched the class video. This makes it easier to find when you want to do future implant removals. This class is on implant removal and will be VERY useful at this time as much of our problems stem from some kind of implant or imprint that tries to control us. Getting grid of the chakras and reinstating the authentic "-8- energy system" is vital to our missions here. Also your ASStral body (ies) need the boot along with the hissing freaking snakes! Yes, there is a looooong list of peripheral energies that you need to identify, but the exercise does a thorough sweep and you get better and better at it. I am soooo much better off now with those eliminated from my body and my life. I can’t imagine what kind of Hell I would be in if I still had them tormenting and trying to control me! (Probably in the loony bin or pushing up daisies. ;- ) If you have already gotten rid of these implants, then in this class you can work on something specific to you that needs to be gotten rid of. It is really nice to have someone read off the list while you handle it, even if you have done several already. This will be a huge help!

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