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Class #1: Unplugging – The Key To Self-Empowerment

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In this crazy reality we live in, with people, places and things pulling us in every direction, and along with traumas from the past rising up to haunt us, it is hard to maintain sanity, let alone balance! This class will help you maintain sanity and keep your balance while giving you more tools to put in your “How to Navigate Earth Life” tool box! Besides learning some really easy and effective methods of unplugging from stresses and trauma, we will also learn how to utilize our "X-men" abilities as a group and put events into motion. We will be literally focusing all of our collective power as a group to blasting and neutralizing opposing energies and entities that are sabotaging our mission here on planet Earth! If you have a specific situation that you feel is interfering with your progress and needs blasting from your life, make a note of it and bring it to this class. We will collaborate with you on that goal. This class is truly part of Kryahgenetics, the “Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy” part!

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