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Kryahgenetics Vol. 2, Covert Secrets & Alchemy.

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In Kryahgenetics II, Covert Secrets & Alchemy, you will learn:

  • The untold story about our little Green Earth/Gaia & the truth about the planets in our solar system

  • The real history behind our hologram -- where & how it all started…

  • What exactly is Magick? (You are using it even if you are not aware of it.)

  • Suemahs - The Previously dormant part of our Souls!

  • How to pull out of False Holographic Loops, Traps & Mind Games that keep us stuck and spiraling.

  • The various and deceptive Forced Earth & Hologram Entrance agreements and how to terminate and revoke them with detailed instructions.

  • The "Creepsters", the the master minds behind the tricky deceptions and glamours that have many of us fooled. Understanding them is half the battle!

  • Who our allies are, and what they can to do assist us.

  • The Broken Heart & Mind/Psyche Healers - They are now available to assist us.

  • And finally, you will learn several more cutting-edge techniques to help you break free of the Hologram traps and prisons.

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